Whenever someone asked me the question, what I think about travelling and going abroad, I really support this idea with all my heart.

I have always felt that urgent desire to travel. To see new places, meet new people while experience all the beautiful cultures that are exist. My Grandma explained this huge desire to me like that: Due to the fact that my roots go from China to La Reunion I feel home everywhere and nowhere on this beautiful planet.

By travelling I do not mean All-Inclusive in a hotel full of people from your country, if you like it – go for it. What I mean instead is getting to know the country side, eating traditional foods cooked by the natives and most of all – getting to know the natives. We are the privileged generation that is able to see the whole world in mostly safe conditions. We fly to faraway places in a minimal amount of time and money compared to the past. So why don’t grab this chance? 

To me, all this experiences will open your mind and make you a storyteller. You will meet gorgeous people from all over the world, see things you will still tell your kids later and most of all: You get tolerant and start to think about others and their situations. Empathy never hurt anybody.

After every trip I made I realized how much I grew during it and how it contributes to me everyday and in the majority of the decisions I make.

Of course this is not the right thing to do for everybody and never should anybody get forced to it if they do not want it. But if you ever struggle whether you should take a time out and go abroad or not, just make it happen. I’ve already traveled a lot and never ever regret any second of it and if you are brave enough to do it also I guarantee – you will neither. Hugs!